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USA Telephone:


E-mail: lostambos@msn.com

Peru Office:
Carretera a Kuelap Km 20
Cell Phone: 995237268

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Description of Lodge and Photos.

This is the best lodge located outside of towns in this zone.  It is located nearly the same altitude as Kuelap allowing an excellent view of Kuelap from one wide balcony, and often the clouds are below you. The other balcony’s view is of the Abra Yumal Pass. It has 7 bedrooms suites with 7 bathrooms and hot showers, pure water, modern comforts, a hot tub, and telescope observatory with views of the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross at the same time. It has many hummingbird feeders and flowers that attract hummingbirds.

Choctamal Marvelous Spatuletail Lodge


The village of Choctamal manages the Marvelous Spatuletail Lodge with them getting the lodge’s income to improve this zone for superior tourism.  It is a well appointed, 3 star lodge comfort level. Horses are available for day trips. You can use the telescope too and ejoy the view of the stars, forest and birds that are around Choctamal MS Lodge.

Dinningroom Choctamal MS Lodge
Dining Room in Choctamal Marvelous Spatuletail

Dinningroom in Choctamal MS Lodge
Dinning Room in Choctamal MS Lodge

Mupa-Mupa, Limoncillo in Choctamal MS Lodge
Limoncillo, ¨mupa-mupa¨
atractive to Hummingbirds

Orchidiariun in Choctamal MS Lodge
Orchidiarium in Marvelous Spatuletail Lodge

Looking threw the Telescope in Choctamal MS Lodge
Kuelap View from Choctamal MS Lodge

Choctamal Marvelous Spatuletail Lodge
Choctamal Marvelous Spatuletail Lodge

Karajia Room in Choctamal Marvelous Spatuletail Lodge

Kuelap Room in Choctamal Marvelous
Spatuletail Lodge

Bathroom, hot shower

Beautiful view from Colibri Room


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