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USA Telephone:


E-mail: lostambos@msn.com

Peru Office:
Carretera a Kuelap Km 20
Cell Phone: 995237268

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Great features


Our Dept. of Amazonas has perfect temperatures, from 65F to 80F every day of the year. The ecology is equal to nearby Ecuador with our high altitude beside the equator. Predominate plants are bromeliads and orchids that cover Peru’s most “lost stone citadels” on peaks throughout our zone.

Poisonous snakes, plants, and mosquitoes are nearly non-existent in our pristine cloud forest. We have Peru’s lowest density population in a fertile green zone. The result is no pickpocket thieves or beggars but rather well fed, and easygoing natives un-unspoiled by tourists.  You don’t have to be miserable or among poverty to see the world’s best birds here!!


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