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History of Choctamal


Town of Choctamal
In the department of Amazonas Luya is one of the provinces that have 23 districts, one of this districts is Longuita consisting of annexes, caceriosand farms. Choctamal is an annex that belong to this district.

Church of Choctamal

Church of Choctamal                                                           Town of Choctamal

People of Choctamal in the Cultural event of RaimillactaThe communities that belong to this district dating from the pre inca time, it could be recognize because of the ruins, chulpas and terraces that are throughout this district; In the Colonial period Don Francisco Andres de Guevara was the landowner and catequizador condition of the Indians, who were working like slaves;
In the Republic emerged a series of lawsuits boundaries with neighbouring districts, until 1944 the district was formed as Longuita, as we know it today.



Choctamal always present in the Raymillacta

Norma Cruz From Choctamal
Norma Cruz from Choctamal Community
with a typical attire from Choctamal

One of the old stories that still remains in the memory of the people is the Legend: The charming women, Cucha, about the disappearance of one of the most beautiful women in one of the lakes that belong to this district and bears her name, Cuchacuella Lake.

The charming woman disappear in this lake. Cuchacuella
Cuchacuella Lake

Tuesta Rios,A; Zumaeta Villavicencio, G; Paredes de Chávez,Z; et al; MONOGRAFIA DE LA PROVINCIA DE LUYA, 1964; P76-80.


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